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What is a Responsive Web Design and What are its Key Elements.

Responsive web design is a web designing approach that focuses on designing and creating web pages that are designed and developed to automatically adjust according to the viewing screen. Unlike the usual website design, a responsive design is smart and adjustable based on the device.

Benefits for Businesses

A responsive design is beneficial for businesses because it is extremely flexible and accessible by users. With the introduction of Google’s mobile friendly algorithm, businesses are moving towards increasing its mobile presence through, mainly, flexible and responsive websites and social media pages.

Elements of a Responsive Web Design

Because being everywhere is important, web designers and developers are now busy designing web responsive websites that help companies in assisting their consumers to reach to them any time they want.

Responsive web design comprises of several elements that includes:

Customized Navigation

A responsive web design has customized navigation; the website menu, call to action buttons and other features customize themselves according to the device. A website’s navigation is displayed at different locations on the site and if it is not responsive then chances are that, first, it will not display on any other device than its native host and, second, even if it does, it may not display all the important buttons. However, a responsive design will adapt itself according to the device requirements.

Visible Calls to Action Buttons

Call to action is a sure part of an effective website, how would you encourage your visitors to move forward without them? You need to guide them in moving forward. A responsive design displays essential calls to action in a visible manner. On a full desktop version, they display at the bottom or sides while on mobiles they are usually displayed at the bottom. Without a good responsive design, you won’t be able to move your visitors forward and down the sales funnel.

Usage of White Space

In design, balance is everything. Many businesses consider using a multiple host of colors to make their website visible and impressive. However, usage of more colors only make the website look like a colors that is missing in essential business message, unless of course you’re an artist and want to illustrate your art. Big names like Apple, has used the negative, or white, space subtly by using human images and leaving blank spaces. White space saves your users from being overwhelmed and focusing on your business services and products.

Flexible Images and Text

For a responsive design, flexible and automatically customized images and text are key to successful web design. Every device has different size and resolution requirement; instead of designing separate web pages for desktop, laptop, tablet and phone is both time consuming and will cost the businesses considerably in terms of time, efforts and money.

Therefore, having a responsive web design is convenient and an effective business strategy. Flexible images and text respond to the device’s size and accommodate accordingly. Responsive websites and here to stay and considering its benefits, it’s more of a necessity than a choice for businesses. Every business wants to reach its audience in less time and with a strong impact, with a responsive web design, they can do it effectively.

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