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Web Design and Web Development: What are the Differences between them?

Web design and web development are two important aspects of a website and no matter how small it may be, no business can actually work without a website. For a successful running of a website, web design and web development both work together and just like any process that requires each of its step and factor work accordingly, web design and web development are significant parts of the web design and development process. As being said, no business can succeed without effective and engaging web design and development and even though the concepts are quite well known, still they keep on confusing many among us. The terms are now used interchangeably, in many places, and this may also be one of the reasons that people are left wondering about the differences between them.

We have tried to answer your questions regarding how these terms differ.

Difference between their Training/Education

 Web designers and developers acquire different types of skills that are related to the or trade. Web designers learn designing on Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral Draw and other designing tools that are used to draw graphics and website’s front end. Since web designers deal with the more aesthetic and creative side of a website. Web developers deal with a more technical aspect of a website and learn coding languages like WordPress, PhP, CSS, Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript etc. Both web developers and web designers work together to build core website parts and bring create memorable experience for users.

Difference between Job Roles

As the titles suggest, web designers is the person who works on the front end of a website and oversee the overall design and its key elements like color combination and contrast, graphics and content placement, font size, color and style, consistency etc. Web designer differs from graphics designer as a graphic designer make the designs for posters, banners and elements of the site while the web designer sees the designs as a whole in the shape of
a website. Web developers are tech people who are responsible for designing how a website will work and interact with the users.

Web developer is a broad term that includes front-end, back-end and full stack developers. Front-end developers code the visible side of a website, the outlook, how it would look and work with the user etc. The back-end developer is more complex as he codes more critical design as for payment gateways and e-Commerce while a full stack developer is capable in both front-end and back-end development.

Difference between Compensation

Though they belong to nearly the same scenario, web designers and web developers are paid quite differently. As per Pay-scale’s records, a web designer’s median salary was $40,000, as of 2018, and a web developer’s is more than $50,000, which means that web developers earn more than web designers. The main reason is that working with coding languages is considered far more difficult than graphics and designing. However, to a creative side, web designers are more apt than the developers and can make more money than them if working in a hardcore creative industry. We hope that we have cleared your confusion related to web designing and web
development. However, if you still have any questions, comment below and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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