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How to position my website on Google

Getting a reservation in a fancy and well-known restaurant is nothing short of a miracle, similarly positioning your website on Google is a hard task that takes a lot of time and patience because Google is the largest platform for all businesses and the large businesses with bigger budgets rule this platform, therefore small business owners have to do SEO the old fashion way to improve your Google Rankings. This process requires more time but not if you know the sufficient tips that can help you understand How to position your website on Google and once you have the required tips gained from experienced professionals that will help you rank your webpage faster.


  1. Choosing longer Keywords:

We all agree completely on the fact that contents are the backbone of Search Engine Optimization because they play the most important role of text that attracts more and more people through SERP but the tip here is to use longer keywords consisting of 5 to 6 keywords instead of the 3 to 4 words traditional ones as they will increase your daily traffic significantly.


  1. Relevant and Quality Content:

Google doesn’t care much for the quantity of your articles as much as the quality because if your contents are not based on facts, business relevant topics they are as good as nothing, the perfect content is the blend of sufficient keyword density, relevant topics, tags, headings, subheadings and the correct wording that compels the readers to read more.


  1. Mobile friendly:

No one can deny the evolution of mobile phones as they have become a very prominent part of our society because of its easy to use feature that makes everything much faster while its compact design allows people to carry them anywhere they want, so it is very important for a site to be mobile friendly that can completely open on a mobile and on all browsers in order to gain visitors this is an essential step.


  1. Don’t stop halfway:

Once started your SEO you need to be focused and dedicated regarding your website then you cannot look back because developing a website is easy but the real challenge is to make it popular in a positive way so once you start gaining visitors and you lean back a little that would be disastrous for you. Making backlinks and putting in tags, titles and headings can be wasted in a number of days alongside all your effort, therefore keep on maintaining everything little by little but never stop halfway.


If you follow these carefully laid out tactics you will surely be able to make a position of your website on Google and within a while, your website will be crowded with visitors from different countries and different paths.

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