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How to Interpret Your Website Metrics

For people who have a website but don’t know how to interpret their website metrics, this article will guide and inform you of the necessity and importance of website metrics. In the website world there are a large number of metrics but can prove to be very difficult to interpret in order to determine what is going on with your website regarding traffic and the visitors experience but luckily there are experienced professionals who know each and everything from the beginners analytical guide to the deep and secret techniques that can reveal layers of data and here are some important metrics that will surely assist you and we will also tell you why they are important.


  1. Modes of Traffic:

It is very important to know from where your traffic is coming from as there are various means of traffic such as traffic could be coming from a social page of yours or through search engine searches or any other modes. Your google analytics contain may contain different types of primary traffic sources in its dashboard that you may not be aware of such as;


  1. Direct Traffic:

Direct traffic is the traffic that comes from those people who know your website or have bookmarked it before, there are very few amounts of people who become a part of direct traffic but if your direct traffic contains the first or second highest number of people then your direct traffic is good because people know about your website and you have made your website known..


  1. Organic Traffic:

              Organic traffic can be described as the traffic that comes to you by result of keyword searches on any search engine, in this people may not come directly to your homepage but on any other page that contains the answer to their queries, in order to enhance organic traffic you must contain well written and informative contents with keyword research to your brand and competition.


  1. Social Traffic:

              Social sites are one of the most dominant forces that can promote your business within days and social traffic is the traffic coming from the links shared by you on different social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many others. It all depends on the intensity of your social media marketing as if you are paying for promotions and posting links on social sites then obviously you will be getting more and more social traffic.


  1. Referred traffic:

              Referred traffic is the kind of traffic that does not come from your end, as it can come from other websites as a link if you are leading the industry of a particular category of products other companies will use your name to gain attention towards you which is beneficial for both parties. Referred traffic can also come from E-Mail marketing and SMS marketing such as if you have spent some money in any of these types the traffic coming from them will be termed as referred traffic.


2_ Keywords and SERP:

             Keywords are one of the most important types of metrics that boost your website 100% and having quality content also helps in Search Engine Optimization that makes your website to be on the leading pages of your targeted search engine and being on the leading pages of your search engine will provide larger organic traffic.


3_ User Flow:

User flow is very essential as it determines any errors or problems that your visitors might be facing because it can show from where the people are exiting the most there can be many different reasons from very technical and jumbled content to any problem regarding the structure of a website.

Metrics can tell a lot but still, there are many things that cannot be interpreted by a metrics and you have to apply some of your own knowledge and mind work to enhance your website.

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